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Abandoned underground storage tanks, hazardous chemicals from dry cleaners or auto repair facilities, asbestos that must remain within a building – Environmental Risk Agency MN frequently remedies these environmental problems for its clients.  However, some property owners face highly complex environmental situations that jeopardize major real estate transactions, and Environmental Risk Agency MN resolves their problems as well.  No matter how routine or unique your environmental risk, call us for a solution.

Portfolio of Properties

A major property developer needed environmental coverage to close an $800 million transaction.  Environmental Risk Agency MN covered the existing properties and designed an "add-on" clause for future acquisitions -- without requiring site assessments.

Oil Contamination

Another client wanted to sell oil field and refinery property -- valued at one-half billion dollars -- to a group of major wall-street investment firms leery of the ultimate liability.  Environmental Risk Agency MN designed cost guarantees for the cleanup and insurance coverage backing the sales contract indemnifications against residual contamination.  Because the deal closed quickly, our client reported a saving of $25 million based on the time value of money and projected legal expenses.

Closure of Manufacturing Plant

A "Fortune-200" equipment manufacturer needed to transfer long term environmental liability when he sold his closed facilities.  Environmental Risk Agency MN indemnified the seller and protected the new owner against any future environmental claims.  The solution worked for the client, who decommissioned and sold a number of facilities with our help.

Chemical Facility

An International buyer's purchase of a US chemical facility stalled over clean-up and long term liability issues.  We provided $10 million, ten-year coverage for clean-up and third-party liability for historic and on-going environmental problems.  This deal would not have closed without Environmental Risk Agency MN's coverage.

Mercury Contamination

Most of our clients develop real estate -- but one owns a 747 cargo aircraft with residual mercury contamination.  Lease/financing negotiations stalled over this problem.  Environmental Risk Agency MN designed a $28 million “collateral protection” coverage that would either pay for additional remediation or pay off the lease if the plane was grounded for environmental problems.

Environmental Risk Agency MN specializes in providing solutions to environmental risks. Whether faced with contaminated property, a remediation project or uneasy parties to a transaction, our many years of experience can help your firm.

Marketing Region
Environmental Risk Agency MN distributes its innovative coverages throughout the United States. Coverages are also available to U.S. based clients for risks located in Europe and Asia.

Coverage Rating
Our environmental policies are written on the paper of top insurance companies, at competitive rates. Environmental Risk Agency MN are produced exclusively with domestic carriers that are "A" rated by the AM Best Company.