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ERIC was originally coined as an acronym for affiliated companies providing Environmental Risk Insurance Coverages. Today the acronym is part of the company name. ERIC companies' provide engineering, loss modeling, risk management, marketing and insurance services to customers based world wide.

ERIC Companies LLC provides engineering, loss modeling and risk evaluation services to a wide variety of clients. Services are provided to insurance companies, law firms, industrial and commercial real estate companies, and financial institutions.

ERIC Companies designed and developed many of the environmental insurance products that are now used in the industry, including Property Transfer Liability Insurance, Asbestos In Place Liability Insurance, and Remediation Stop Loss Insurance.

ERIC Companies has offices locations in St Paul Minnesota and Bozeman Montana.

Environmental Risk Agency LLC provides environmental insurance sales and distribution. The agency specializes in real estate based environmental insurance coverages. Environmental Risk Agency maintains strategic alliances with many of the largest and most highly rated insurance and reinsurance companies in the world.

The most critical focus of Environmental Risk Agency is to provide insurance and financial solutions that facilitate real estate transactions.

Insurance coverages designed and placed by ERIC affiliated companies frequently aid in the completion of commercial and industrial redevelopment projects. As a result, previously contaminated properties are often cleaned up and redeveloped. In addition to environmental benefits of remedial action, re-use of brownfield sites provides the social benefit of reduced urban and industrial sprawl.

ERIC affiliated companies provides direct multimedia and development support to conservation based organizations. Our conservation support focuses on landscape based preservation and the recovery of endangered or threatened wildlife.

Our clients have reflected that the combination of our transaction driven focus and dedication to conservation issues places us "well above" other environmental insurance providers.

ERIC Companies
Our ability to develop and blend coverages to meet the unique needs of real estate owners has made ERIC affiliated companies the leading providers of environmental insurance for the real estate industry.

Our environmental policies are written at competitive rates by top "A rated" insurance companies.

For further information about our insurance products or about Environmental Risk Agency please contact one of our officers:

Bozeman Montana Office - Coverage Area: Nation Wide

Steven L Hargreaves, President (click for Bio Info)
ERIC Companies LLC

Environmental Risk Agency LLC
2515 White Bear Ave A-8 #510

Maplewood MN 55109
651-257-3350 direct
651-389-9255 fax

Minneapolis /St Paul Office - Coverage Area: Nation Wide

Gregory Hargreaves, Vice President (click for Bio Info)
Environmental Risk Agency LLC
2515 White Bear Ave A-8 #510
Maplewood MN 55109
651-315-4596 direct
651-389-9255 fax

Marketing Region
ERIC distributes its innovative coverages throughout the United States. Coverages are also available to U.S. based clients for risks located in Europe and Asia.

Coverage Rating
Our environmental policies are written on the paper of top insurance companies, at competitive rates. Environmental Risk Agency policies are produced exclusively with domestic carriers that are "A" rated by the AM Best Company.