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An Unprecedented Liability Program for Asbestos in Place


A New Solution for Asbestos Problems

Environmental Risk Agency MN's Asbestos In Place insurance program protects property owners and managers from liabilities associated with asbestos that has not yet been removed from buildings.

When a decision is made not to remove asbestos, or when removal is delayed for budget or scheduling reasons, such as a need to avoid tenant disruptions, our Asbestos In Place insurance program is the solution. Asbestos In Place insurance is particularly suitable to protect owners against liability problems that may arise from the presence of difficult or impossible to remove asbestos.

Protection Plus

Asbestos In Place liability protection goes well beyond that normally found in an insurance policy.  Asbestos In Place includes six important coverages:

  1. Bodily injury to third parties, such as tenants, arising out of exposure to asbestos in place.
  2. Property damage to third parties resulting from an asbestos release.
  3. Liability resulting from releases caused by subcontractors, such as electricians, plumbers, HVAC system contractors, who don't carry asbestos liability coverage.
  4. Defense costs for suits filed by third parties due to long-term exposure to asbestos in place or a sudden and accidental asbestos release. Coverage includes suits filed by employees of subcontractors.
  5. Protection against first party property damage as well as property damage to third parties resulting from an asbestos release.
  6. Business interruption expenses to tenants and third parties arising from an asbestos release.


Advantages and Benefits

Asbestos In Place gives owners and property managers flexibility to develop and implement short and long-term strategies for asbestos maintenance and abatement.

Asbestos In Place coverage fills the gap in property owners' general liability policies, which do not cover asbestos-related losses and liabilities and provides more freedom for:

Scheduling and Budgeting

Asbestos removal can be coordinated with normal tenant turnover to optimize company cash flow.

Transferring an Asbestos-Impacted Property

The presence of asbestos in a building, whether because of the location of the asbestos or because removal has not yet been completed, can dramatically affect the value of a property. In addition, significant funds may be required as escrow to offset abatement or ongoing concerns about liability. When the property is covered with Asbestos In Place insurance, however, problems with real estate acquisition and disposition are reduced.

  1. Asbestos In Place insurance can be transferred to new owners.
  2. Lenders can be listed as "additional insureds" on Asbestos In Place insurance policies, facilitating financing of a building which has asbestos at the time of negotiations or transaction.


Asbestos In Place coverage provides building owners and managers with expanded protection from liabilities associated with asbestos that is being maintained rather than removed.

Protection includes liabilities that may result from asbestos exposure to tenants and their employees, as well as subcontractors and their employees.

Liability Limits

Liability limits are typically $1 million per incident / $5 million aggregate per policy term. Other limit options are also available.


Term of Policy

The Asbestos In Place initial policy term is three years. Asbestos In Place policies may be renewed for additional terms.

Policy Rates

Asbestos In Place policies are reasonably priced with consideration for facility type, amount of asbestos in the building, fiber levels in the air, and the total square footage exposed to asbestos.


Protection Package

Environmental Risk Agency MN's Asbestos In Place policy is available in conjunction with Our Owner Control abatement policy to form an insurance package that covers a full range of asbestos-related liabilities.

Our Asbestos In Place coverage offers protection while asbestos is being maintained. Environmental Risk Agency’s Owner Control, which includes asbestos special liability and commercial general liability that occurs during the abatement process.

Together these two policies compliment asbestos management programs for an owner or lender of property that must maintain some asbestos in place and undergo abatement of other asbestos.

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